Ilin-lighting insists on local lighting while most of the brands in the furniture industry doing whole house customization, The chairman of Ilin explained the reason of this: It’s difficult do one thing really ,really well, Doing whole house is more difficult, Ilin will do the best in professional field, then planning the possibility of more. For more informations about the development planning and product design concept of Ilin-lighting, let’s have a look at PChouse’s interview with Mr. Liu, the chairman of Guangzhou ilin-lighting & Electrical co., Ltd .in the China Custom Home Supply Chain Microshow.

PChouse:Please introduce the brand and the product’s concept of Ilin-lighting.

Linhui Liu:founded in 2006, Guangzhou ilin-lighting & Electrical co., Ltd has always been focusing on the LED local lighting specialization and devoting ourselves to the R&D, We spent 12years to do one thing-to do the best local lighting. In recent years industry is in advocate highly “craftsman spirit”, This is what Ilin wan to do, so for a long time, we never changed original hearts to make a professional brand .

The seemingly opposite phenomena of consumption upgrading and consumption downgrading are reflected in everywhere of our lives.For the pursuit of products, It’s not just about product functionality, Except of quality, they are more concerned on added value, visual and aesthetic, enhance the expression of personal taste and attitude towards life and so on. Consumers’ aesthetic appreciation is improving, so the design of product need more better. Cabinets used for storage only in the past, But now it is different, We are not only need the function, convenience and comfort are also important.Cabinet lightings make it more convenient when we find something at night, , the dimensional atmosphere that illuminant builds out also can be very sweet,It makes our life more comfortable. So we need to have the concept to design cabinet llighting. First, The light color needs very warm& soft; Next, Had better be able to accomplish in our furniture “see light,but can’t find the lighings “, the sensory experience will lets us more comfortable. We try our best to do this concept aim at doing one thing very well – making the best cabinet lighting.

PChouse:Cabinet lightings are more professional than normal lightings, How does Ilin-lighting guarantee the after-sales service?

Linhui Liu:For our products, The most we concerned is the “after-sales”.Cabinet lightings are different from normal lightings .We can change it easy when the normal lightings is broken, But for the cabinet lightings, the lightings&drivers are embedded. Once broken, it will be very troublesome. It can be imagined that customers spend a lot of money to buy cabinets, and then spend energy and money on the maintenance of lightings, which is very bad for the customer’s experience. So Ilin must assure the good quality, try to avoid”after-sales”demand; even if there is “after-sales” demand, Ilin- lighting will do the perfect “after-sales”. Actually it is not simple do it very well, but Ilin always insist and effort.

PChouse:In the household industry, most of the brands in the doing whole house customization. Does Ilin want to do that?

Linhui Liu:Ilin has foreseen .
The development of cabinet lightings before 2006, As we mentioned before, It’s difficult to do one thing very well. For the status of Ilin now, we are focusing on the Led local lightings– to do the best local lighting brand. The future is uncertain. But now, we must try to achieve our aims.

In my opinion, if a brand does not have solid basic skills, it is not necessarily useful to rush to expand more fields. Therefore, we must do the best on our professional field; Secondly, to build a solid brand, when the brand and products have more influence, we’d like to do some extension products. But even so, it depends on market demand, own technology and production capacity.

PChouse:what is the value of “Design”to Ilin ?

Linhui Liu:It’s very important, In particular, I can understand the importance of “design” for a product & a brand while I was also a designer before. Cabinet lighting belongs to local illumination, It’s a small part of furniture. But the design and application can not be ignored . The designs of cabinet lightings are the dance of fetter, It cannot exist alone, needs to be combined with whole furniture,then achieve the perfect combination. In addition, Ilin insists on original designs. we are investing a lot of manpower and financial resources to do this. It is one of our main advantage. The requirements of our design is: how to achieve the perfect combination of lightings and furnitures. Through these thoughts, efforts and practices, let our lights be used in furniture products, not only functional, but also good decorative effect, and then bring a better experience to customers, which is our final aim.

【Profile of Ilin-lighting】

Founded in 2006, Guangzhou ilin-lighting & Electrical co., Ltd has always been focusing on the LED local lighting specialization and devoting ourselvesto the R&D, and sales of cabine lights, furniture lights and mirror lights. Our aimsis to achieve the perfect combination of local intelligent lighting and furniture.
To be in line with the international norms and standards, ilin insists on:
Fath: always sticking to the target of high quality, good faith,unique brand and long-term development.
Philosophy: directing our efforts based on our client’s wishes.
Innovation: determining future.
Service: promise to solve customer’s worries.