About US


ILIN is the leading supplier for LED local lighting solution, dedicated to the lighting related to furniture & furniture space field. We have been insisting on stable operation, continuous innovation and open cooperation in the furniture, cabinets & wardrobe field, building up the end-to-end solutions for enterprises, distributors, stores and exhibition halls to provide a sustainable profitability of the solution, as well as products and services. We also devote ourselves to enhancing the values of customer products to make more and more furniture enterprises to truly achieve the perfect combination of furniture with lighting, shop place with furniture. At present, we have business in all areas of domestic market. Also the products are beginning to be the standard for high-level chain hotel and furniture industry in North America and other developed areas.

Background & Vision

ILIN was founded in 2006 in Guangzhou, China.
In the past over 10 years, ILIN all members have been worked hard to be excellence in all areas. With an open attitude to participate in the global economic competition, ILIN has gradually developed into the well-known industry brand in China and begun to be a brand-new competitor for global brand in international markets.

Research and Development

ILIN will always have R&D in products every year to focus on the real leading role in the markets with luminous value-added customer products, improvement on customer product promotion and enhancement of the customer effectiveness to realize the values of customer products.

Quality policy

The reasons we exist are: actively listen to customer needs, carefully build up product quality, sincerely provide satisfactory service & always bear in mind for customer service.

Brand Positioning

To be the leading position in the furniture industry & the display of space areas, enhances the solid brand position through the core competitiveness.

Open cooperation to achieve win-win situation

ILIN puts the “open cooperation, win-win situation” as an important cornerstone of enterprises development, committed ourselves to building sustainable competitive quality supply chain for customers.

Corporate Management

We adhere to the customer-centric, struggle-based policy, with continuous improvement of corporate management structure, organization, processes and assessment. The purpose is to keep long-term effective growth.

Corporate philosophy

The strength of teamwork – you are the company.

Brand Value

To cooperate with the outstanding brands, enhances customer product value.