Introduction:On the afternoon of Mar 24, 2017, ILIN lighting held the 2017 fist Distributors Conference.The conference lasted for half a day and came to an end.


The visitors signed their names on the signature wall.




ILIN lighting held the 2017 fist Distributors Conference on Mar 24, 2017 at Holiday Inn Guangzhou Science City.
Visitors: Distributors from nationwide.
All the way wind and rain, all the way to love.In the way through the clutter, struggling to move forward in the towering years, the distributors & ILIN forged a deep friendship.
ILIN General Manager Mr. LIU Once again elaborated ILIN positioning:the Brand road to continue to give customers the competitive products.


Conference theme: new perspective • new force • new future


General Manager Mr. LIU made a speech for the conference.


Manager Mr. Jiang made a speech for the conference.


Dealer representative Yunfei Yang made a speech.


General Manager Mr. LIU made a special report.



Vice President Stanley shared the experience for engineering projects.


Over the past three years, the distributors and ILIN have overcome the difficulties one after another to achieve the success again and again. We have begun to win reputation and approval from the customers and the industry. Details were as follows:
Annual sales gradually increased,
Market share continued to increase.
All of these achievements, due to the friends of the dealers they have the spirit of never give up, wisdom, experience, and hard work.
All the members of the dealers have contributed a huge force to the turnover.


General Manager Mr. LIU toasted to all guests.



General Manager Mr. LIU &Manger Mr. Jiang toasted to all guests



ILIN has been moving forward with the careful way.
Unlike others to move forward with big movement when there is with small improvements. ILIN keeps eyes on the current things done well.
We could do similar products when there are with experience.
We are sincerely grateful to our dealer, suppliers and other engineering customers.
Also our fellow is sustainable and still profitable.


Strong team of ILIN